Who Wrote This?
About this Application
Does CNN cover immigration differently than Fox? Does Breitbart discuss Trump differently than the New York Times?

As part of a larger research effort described in Machine Learning Techniques for Detecting Identifying Linguistic Patterns in News Media by A Samuel Pottinger, this non-commerical open source research search engine finds "exemplar" articles, allowing academic research into the news media landscape by highlighting stories that are "prototypical" of their publishing agency. If you type "climate", for example, this machine learning application will find the most CNN-like article about climate change posted by CNN. Try Democrat, Immigration, Brexit. In each, notice how different agencies frame the same topic differently.

Data and More Info
See paper and about for more info including a link to a (short) medium post! Articles are from January 29, 2019 to May 27, 2019 with data released under a non-commercial creative commons licence. Note that articles are linked below and Data Driven Empathy LLC is not responsible for, affilitted with, or endorsing that linked content or its publishers.
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